Friday, June 15, 2012

Read Poems, Stories and Reviews on the Internet by Lois Marie Harrod

Updated January 23, 2014

April Canto (poem)
How Did Dinosaurs Have Sex (poem - scroll down)
Purple Martin (poem - scroll down)
What to Do with All Your Grief (poem - scroll down)
Uttering a Word (poem - scroll down)
Tsunami (poem)
Your Sister  (poem)
Her Quartz Contentment  Winter 2013, p. 5
The Blinding Walls (downloadable origami chapbook--5 poems)
Quid Perditus Est (scroll down)
Her Copper Thighs Summer 2012 Issue, Poetry
What These Lips Have Kissed (Scroll Down)
Sharpness and Sensitivity
Dumb Fuck
Bread (republished from Brief Term)
We Stay Most When We Stay Not at All (Scroll Down)
Warning in a Bottle
Alice Ann at the Comfort Inn
Photoris Lucicresens (Scroll down, April 1, 2011)
Lunch at Lakewood Middle School
Misogyny in the Early Twenty-first Century
Now I Want You Softly
Love, the English Teacher (Verse Daily)
Reconciling Rats
If Deception Be the Worm, Robins We

The Shadow of a Crow
Marlene Mae Likens Her Mother to Omega
Your Name Like Cutlery
Poet as Seducer
You Find Your Book in that Secondhand Bookstore in Edison, NJ
Her Story
My Sister as a Salmon
Houdini Comes to Gillette, Wyoming
The Happy Heart (nominated for Pushcart)
What the Light Sings
Tu Fu
Time's Winged SUV
The Sunlight Has Never Heard of Trees
The Children Are Gone
The Naked Man on the Glass Elevator
Orange Popsicle (previously published in Off the Coast)
How Marlene Mae Longs for the Truth
How I Lose Sleep
A Little Poem
A Cloud of Words
Homer Holds Down a Job in the Bureau of Blind Statistics
Ms. Finicky's Grammar Lessons

Spelling the
World Backwards
The Clothes Grinding Down the Line
"Her Kisses Were More Stone that Kisses"
A Small Parenthesis in Eternity
The Sonnet of Winter
The Hospital Sonnet
PerleorneqPhone Call to Indonesia

At the Academy Awards or Best Supporting Grief
Goldenrod in Winter
Never Mind
Lovers Disembodied like Letters in an Alphabet
"Landscape laid open like an old newspaper"
From Labyrinth to Linear"
What will your father say down among the shades?"
This Is Not a Cigar "
Walt Whitman's Sermon on Spirituality to a Certain Congregation of Worms"
"Voltages for Different Locations"
You could Save on a New Sky!
What the Elephant Sings
The Naked Man in the Glass Elevator
While You Were Dying (November 28, 2009)

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